Can Credit Repair Companies Make Your Score Go Higher?

17 Dec

Credit repair is when a third party, often referred to as a credit repair company or credit repair services company, attempts to have inaccurate information removed from your credit report in return for payment. These firms are for-profit and they advertise their services as being able to assist people with improving their credit scores. However, there is no real credit repair process that occurs through these companies. They simply locate errors on your credit report and then try to obtain agreement from the reporting agency to remove the erroneous item. If they are successful in removing it, they notify you of the fact and you make payments to remove the item from your credit report.

There is no doubt that credit repair companies can benefit you with inaccurate information removed from your credit history, but the process they use does little to improve your credit history or even your score. Even if the error is corrected, the subsequent effect is that your credit history now shows the inaccurate information rather than the accurate information. This does little to improve your credit score. In fact, the opposite is true. Since all negative items are shown, your score is worse than it would be if those items were completely erased from your reports. This link:, will lead you to the best credit repair company.

When you decide to use a credit repair company, you are typically directed to contact them by phone or by email. They then provide a detailed report that details what errors are contained in your credit reports. They provide instructions on how to correct the items that they identify, usually suggesting ways to make the items appear less negative. Some companies provide additional guidance, but usually you are left to accept their suggestion and deal with the resulting problems yourself. While this process might seem relatively simple, the long term result can be disappointing because it lacks teeth.

Most credit repair companies cannot help you unless you first initiate the process ourselves. The process begins with you receiving copies of your credit reports from the three credit bureaus. Next, you must research the errors identified in the reports and write to the reporting bureau to correct the errors. The credit repair companies will then investigate the allegations that you have filed with them. If the credit bureau cannot prove the validity of your complaint, it is likely that it will remove the disputed item from your credit report without offering any kind of remedy.

Once the credit repair companies determine that the item should be removed, they will attempt to contact the creditor to negotiate a settlement. If your creditor agrees to the removal of the negative information, the credit repair company will then dispute the misinformation directly with the creditor. In many instances, the credit repair company is successful at convincing the credit bureau to remove the negative item from your credit report. Then, the company provides proof of its success to the credit bureau, which causes the negative information to be removed from the credit report. In many cases, all of the negative information is removed within a few weeks of beginning the dispute process. For details on credit repair check more  info. 

There are also times when the credit repair companies can help improve your score by requesting additional copies of your credit reports, or by correcting errors that may have come up since you took out the loan. Sometimes, the credit repair companies can help improve your score enough to cause the score to increase. However, you must keep in mind that even if the score does go up, there are still steps you must take to maintain it. If you do not correct problems as soon as they arise, your credit repair efforts may actually make your score worse, as the negative items on your credit report will continue to make their way back into your credit report once you have been turned down for a loan.  This post: has content related to this article, check it out. 

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